Hello! And welcome to the Armadillo Images website! Showing a small selection, a brief over view, of the artwork created by Simon Jardine at Armadillo HQ.


Simon is a professional illustrator and artist based near Newbury in West Berkshire. He specialises in creating hand drawn illustrations, whether in the studio or live, posters, characters and large scale pieces for theatre and drawing whilst being filmed for promotional videos. Simon's illustrations are either finished in ink or paint, digitally, or a bit of both, depending on requirements and final application of the artwork.


Simon also teaches regular art workshops for adults and children in both cartoon and caricature as well as general painting, drawing and photographic techniques.


When he's not working on something creative, Simon enjoys holidays, days out, cooking, walking the dog, photography, noisy old heavy rock, four wheel drive vehicles and a nice cup of tea.


Please feel free to get in touch and follow Simon on Twitter or Facebook for regular artwork updates!


Armadillo Images artwork by Simon Jardine    Creativity, Imagination and Humour    07717 195966    simon@armadilloimages.com